Travis Scott Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary of “Astroworld” With Note

Artists love to celebrate anniversaries with fans. They reach out to social media accounts to thank their supports for traveling with them throughout their careers, and Travis Scott is the last to write a note to those who have helped make Astroworld the record-setting success in converted. It was on August 3, 2018, when Travis released his coveted album, so it was only fitting that he celebrate the album’s anniversary with fans who helped make him a hit.

On Twitter, Travis Scott shared a photo of a handwritten note. “Happy Astroversary, a 2 year trip that is still one of my favorites!” he stated. “The album means a lot to me! For everyone who bumps and rages at that soundtrack, I love them. Let’s continue the journey and we’ll see you in Utopia.” To call the album a success is an understatement; In its first week, Astroworld sold nearly 540,000 copies. It debuted at # 1 on the Billboard charts and fans continue to stream the album as if it just dropped.

Meanwhile, Scott’s mention of “Utopia” in his note has social media on fire as fans believe he was hinting at the title of his next project. Take a look at Travis Scott’s note below.

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