The world’s first gold-plated hotel opens in Vietnam

The world’s first gold-plated hotel, the Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel, opened in Vietnam on Thursday.

The hotel is located by the Giang Vo Lake, in the center of the Vietnamese capital, and it cost $ 200 million to build.

The hotel opened its doors to guests amid a coronavirus pandemic that caused travel cramps.
The five-star hotel took 11 years to build and boasts of being the first property in the world to be clad in gold.

From the tiles, the bathtub, the coffee cups, to the gold-plated infinity pool on the roof, the hotel is plated in 24-karat metal.

The gold-plated infinity pool dominates the city, while meals at the 25-story hotel in downtown Hanoi can be mixed with a mysterious “gold substance,” according to the owners.

The 400-room, 25-story property will operate under the American Wyndham Hotels brand.

Guests will pay $ 250 per night to enjoy the luxury the hotel offers.

The hotel wants “people common to the super-rich to check in” both physically and on social media, said Nguyen Huu Duong, president of the Hoa Binh group that owns the hotel.

Look at the photos below:

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