Samsung Galaxy Note 20 with Xbox Games Pass is the big turning point for mobile gaming!

The first virtual Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event revealed a handful of highly anticipated phones and wearables, but the more understated news was the partnership between Samsung and Microsoft to bring Xbox games to flagship phones like the new Galaxy Note 20.

Powerful Samsung phones will support Xbox Games Pass and xCloud streaming, and I’ve been more excited than anything before mobile gaming, even Google Stadia; In short, it has the same ambition as Google’s most-followed service.

Personally, that’s a high bar: Google Stadia was promising a lot, and I was excited to see its technology stream console-quality games straight to your phone. But the initial Pixel-only restrictions and extremely limited game library supported, let alone available in its unlimited subscription model, minimized the appeal of the service.
This week’s Xbox Game Pass on Android news seemingly counteracts every one of Stadia’s weaknesses – you’ll be able to play on a multitude of Android devices (including tablets!) Using a tried and true service that is only getting more robust. You’ll be able to choose from a library of over 100 games and more are added regularly, including upcoming titles like Halo Infinite. And heck, the beta release of xCloud on September 15 is just around the corner.

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