Nigerians criticize Daddy Freeze for promoting suspected scammer, Hushpuppi

In the documentary that started trending after Hushpuppi’s recent arrest, Daddy Freeze is seen teasing young Nigerians, who accuse Hushpuppi of fraud.

In the nearly hour-long video, Daddy Freeze, accompanied by his wife, describes in brilliant words Hushpuppi’s questionable lifestyle.

Hushpuppi also offers the presenter a tour of his garage, his sparkling Dubai home, and an expensive wardrobe.

In the video, Daddy Freeze is heard saying: “The Hushpuppi driver earns N700,000 months while you, who abuse him on social media, are doing waiter work and earn N35,000 a month … instead of begging Hushpuppi to hire his father as a driver. “

However, less than a year after the video was released, Dubai police arrested Hushpuppi and his gang for allegedly defrauding more than 1.9 million people over N160bn.

After Hushpuppi’s arrest, hundreds of Nigerians criticized Daddy Freeze for promoting fraud while criticizing pastors.

Nigerian doctor Harvey Olufunmilayo, based in the UK, tweeting through his name, @DrOlufunmilayo, said: “Daddy Freeze will drag pastors for fraud. The same person is in this video laughing with Hushpuppi. We must drag scammers. Whether they are pastors, politicians or yahoo boys.
“Since you are all scared, I will help you say it: Daddy Freeze is a total disgrace. Ogbomosho Ryan Seacrest.

@TheIfedolapo also tweeted: “Daddy Freeze, who is a lion when it comes to attacking shepherds, became a cameraman for Hushpuppi. Two types of fraud; different loyalties. “

@Waffirian_ tweeted: “Daddy Freeze was eating and drinking with Hushpuppi, he would still use that same mouth to drag some pastors. Bloody hypocrite.

@Diceyprince_ said it was unfortunate that Daddy Freeze could dissuade Christians from paying tithes because he believes pastors are scammers, but in the same measure they could encourage Hushpuppi’s fraudulent lifestyle.

“Daddy Freeze would dissuade them from paying tithing, and then he would go to dinner with a scammer, eat rice and turkey, and visit their home.” By their logic, aren’t they both doing fraud? Quite a hypocrite and a half, ”he tweeted.
@IamRouvafe tweeted: “Let it be on the record that Daddy Freeze, who criticizes everyone, gave Hushpuppi a platform to show off his ill-gotten wealth and even talk about hard-working men and women. It is also recorded that Daddy Freeze ate the proceeds of the Hushpuppi crime; literally.”

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