New blazing 2020 Nissan GT-R: Prices and Details

It makes sense that the 2020 Nissan GT-R is called Godzilla because it is incredibly effective and the vehicular equivalent of a dinosaur. Although the mighty Nissan hasn’t changed since it surfaced about 10 years ago, it still offers surprising acceleration thanks to the stubborn system and a V-6. Obviously, reaching the limits of the car on the streets is impossible without committing a serious crime. Still, the item is exciting to drive whether you’re flying down a straight line or charging around corners. Despite its many otherworldly abilities, the 2020 GT-R is a creature that is starting to lose ground in supercars, and the most outrageous instance costs the same.

What is new for 2020?
For 2020, Nissan updates its expensive version, but does not meet the detailed redesign of the GT-R requirements. The Pure model is gone, which basically means that the price of the base version increased by about $ 14,000. Nissan also adds a 50th anniversary edition to commemorate the pedigree of racing and the history of the car. However, it is made up of interior parts that are better and exclusive exterior features. The Track Edition inherits the performance gear and that version, in turn, adds more quick goodies. This includes grease, a recalibrated transmission and turbos from Nissan’s GT-R GT3 race car.

Prices and which to buy
Premium: $ 115,135
50th anniversary: ​​$ 123,635
Track Edition: $ 147,135
NISMO: $ 212,335

Somehow, Nissan charges six figures for a car that costs less than that. When it surfaced almost a decade ago, not much has changed since then, either. However, those looking for a permanent seat in the most powerful car to wear the GT-R badge aren’t concerned about the price. Although the best variant is the NISMO, it costs more than the exotic McLaren 570 and the Porsche 911 GT3 RS. In light of this, we suggest the GT-R Track Edition which still has a NISMO-tuned engine and suspension and several other unique interior and exterior addendums. The only option is carbon and ceramic brakes. We don’t think they are worth the $ 15,000 fee, except for drivers who will really push the race tracks.

Engine, transmission and performance
It connects to a six-speed automated transmission and an aerodynamic unit that conspire to put all that power on the sidewalk. On our test track, the GT-R launched from zero to 60 mph in just 2.9 seconds. The GT-R’s fast steering, stiff construction, and adjustable suspension can make even fans feel heroic from the wheel. They want more? Take a look at the Track Edition and NISMO models with a fine-tuned engine that produces 600 horsepower. The ride is firm but not punishing and, thanks to active sound cancellation, the motor thrust of this GT-R doesn’t punish the eardrums when driving on the road.

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