Lucid Air sedan soon to be the most aerodynamic vehicle in the world!

Lucid Motor is an American automotive brand that specializes in electric cars. Have you ever heard of their vehicles? Well, Lucid Motors is going to turn the tables with the most innovative design ever.

Yes, Lucid Motor’s first production electric car will be the most aerodynamic vehicle in the world. It means it will have the lowest aerodynamic drag ever … !!!

So what is aerodynamic drag about?
The drag coefficient is a measure of how well a vehicle can reduce air resistance. A lower number translates to a quieter cabin with less wind noise and is generally associated with luxury cars.

For an electric vehicle, a lower drag coefficient can increase the overall range by reducing air resistance. Boxy trucks and buses have a much higher drag coefficient, so there is a high level of air resistance when the vehicle is in motion. Trucks can have a CD as high as 0.45. A sedan typically measures a Cd of 0.22–0.4. The famous Tesla Model S achieved a Cd of 0.24 in 2014, which was among the lowest in the automotive industry. In 2017, Model 3 completed an even better Cd of 0.23. Thus, the Lucid Air sedan will break the latest record for the Tesla Model S and reach an incredible range of 400 miles by reducing drag.
“Aerodynamic efficiency plays a key role in achieving world range and performance and is particularly valuable for an EV. It provides a “smart range” independent of battery size, “said Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors.” Our aeronautical team worked seamlessly with their design and engineering counterparts, establishing aeronautical efficiency as a basic principle of Lucid Air since its inception, allowing us to achieve this new standard. “

The Lucid Air sedan was tested in the North Carolina Windshear automotive wind tunnel. The automaker verified a drag coefficient (Cd) of just 0.21, making the Lucid Air the most aero-efficient luxury car in the world, according to Lucid.

About the Lucid Air sedan and what price to expect!
Lucid Air will be a claimed 1,000 hp electric vehicle starting at a price of $ 160,000. It will be fierce competition for the Tesla Model S, but its price speaks a little more “expensive” for Tesla. Lucid Air is also speculated to include twin front and rear electric motors with a wide range of LIDARs for fully autonomous capabilities.

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