Don’t Leave Me Challenge Is Making People crazy

The challenges of social media have been a big part of popular culture in recent months. Easy games created on TikTok, SnapChat and Instagram have provided a way to kill time and become a standard recreation in the era of the coronavirus. The last of these to light up social media is the “Don’t Leave Me” challenge. Started by Nigerian actor and comedian Josh Alfred, known online as Josh2funny, the trend simply involves people using puns and puns to make really cheesy pranks. In Josh’s version, you can hear him speak clearly in his clearly Nigerian accent and be questioned by the person holding the camera over the leaves of the plants he’s holding: he jokingly says to Josh, “Don’t leave me” to the end of the video.

The hilarious execution of the challenge has been recreated on social media with friends and family, all delivering their best play on words, and Alfred is enjoying them all.

He said: “I have seen many things that really impressed me, people are very smart.”

The Nigerian artist regularly creates comedy sketches for his 1.5 million followers on Instagram, but the “Don’t Leave Challenge” is his first moment to capture a global audience. Alfred is aware of how trends accelerate, sometimes leaving creators far behind or completely erased.

“It is likely to happen, but what really worries me is that someone else will take the credit I deserve,” he said.

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