DJ Khaled prepares to launch his next project,brings an owl to the upcoming “Pop Chune” with Drake

DJ Khaled prepares to launch his next project.
DJ Khaled has been constantly causing the release of new music. However, like the rest of the music industry, he was forced to redirect his plans due to the coronavirus pandemic. Tour plans have been canceled and it is almost impossible to host any kind of live event to interact with fans. However, it’s summer, and DJ Khaled doesn’t let the season go by without missing a great track.

In recent months, key emojis and owls have littered DJ Khaled’s Instagram posts, which was a pretty obvious indication that Drake would be jumping on the first single for his new project. Khaled only hits, so it makes sense for the rapper who has more hits than essentially anyone else to kick off the campaign. The Miami DJ shared a video, presumably from a photo shoot, where he is producing, or at least appears to be doing so, with a live owl sitting behind him in the studio.

“VOCLAS HAVE BEEN! DEM, boy, I make POP CHUNE. WE MAKE CHUNE, come on POP POP PUT YOUR HEAD”, Khaled stresses in the publication. “#WETHEBEST #OVO SO YOU KNOW KHALED @champagnepapi @wethebestmusic LUV ALWAYS A DIFFERENT MAN!”

Khaled has often used Drake to help release his albums. We will see what you have reserved with your next “pop chune”.

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