Creative Cooking- A Guide for Modern Man,Quick and Easy!

In this fast-paced world where we want most things to be quick and easy, cooking is no exception. Many would even opt for fast foods and restaurants only to stop spending time preparing and cooking food. However, keep in mind that cooking your own food is one of the best options for staying healthy; of course you can choose your ingredients and you know you have a safe and well prepared meal.

Cooking does not have to be something that consumes you all the time and it does not have to be a tedious task. Of course, cooking doesn’t always mean sticking to the rules and recipes. In fact, you can add a bit of creativity to your recipes and you can also invent. If you love to cook but don’t have the time, here are some tips for quick and easy cooking.

  • Organize your tools. In fact, you can reduce the amount of time spent cooking by having a well-organized kitchen. Cooking can be so much easier if you know where to get your tools and if you don’t have to waste time searching for the can opener or reaching for your hidden pots and pans in the remotest part of your cabinet. Being organized saves a lot of time preparing your food.
  • Prepare your recipes in advance and make sure you understand everything about it. Of course, you should check the amount of ingredients needed in your recipe and the time it takes to cook. The more ingredients, the longer it will take to prepare them. Check in advance if you have the necessary ingredients and make sure you also have an idea of ​​how long it takes not only in the cooking itself, but also in the preparation.
  • Shorten your preparation time by getting precooked ingredients and precooked meats. You can also opt for frozen vegetables and pre-marinated meats, prepared breadcrumbs or grated cheese, and a few other shortcuts to help cut down on prep time.
  • Find a quick technique in the kitchen. You can cut vegetables while boiling water, or prepare other ingredients while preheating the oven; Making good use of your time helps a lot to have a quick and easy cooking.
  • Use a timer to guide you through the time you spent cooking and preparing your recipes. This will also help you avoid wasting time while cooking.
  • Go for more vegetables. Meat is one of the main ingredients that takes longer to cook, so if you want quick and easy cooking, you can also opt for more vegetables in your recipes and skip the meat. Not only will you have a faster cooking but you will also have a healthier recipe.

Start your day with simple and easy recipes, and with some tips on how to cook quickly and easily, it will be enjoyable and easy to cook and prepare your own healthy food.


A Beginner’s/Buyer’s Guide to Cookware – Pots and Pans

For people who want to start learning how to cook, it would be helpful to know that there are two words that will always come up repeatedly every time they have a conversation about cooking. The first is the “ingredients”. Beginners in the kitchen should have an idea of ​​the different ingredients and their corresponding effects on food. The other is “kitchen utensils”. It is a cooking requirement that beginners and buyers have at least basic knowledge about various types of cookware, as well as their functions.

Among ingredients and kitchen utensils, the latter play an important role in how cooking styles and techniques would be applied. Being able to use the proper cookware to match a particular cooking method is essential to creating the best tasting dishes. The main pieces among the wide range of cookware that people who are new to the kitchen should be familiar with are pots and pans. So read up on kitchen newbies! Here’s an overview of these time-honored kitchen essentials.


The pans make it easier to shake and turn food that is cooked with a spatula. It is usually made of heat-receptive materials. These types of pans come in different types, such as non-stick ones.

Roasting pans

Generally, roasting pans include a rack so that the meat that is being cooked does not come into contact with its own juices. Often made of aluminum and stainless steel, roasting pans have the entire surface of the meat exposed. This is so that the heat is distributed equally.

Sauce pans

Meanwhile, pans are round pots with a smooth bottom that has various functions. It can be used for soups, stews and, of course, sauces. Most pans come with tight-fitting lids for storage.


A wok, on the other hand, is shaped like a bowl. It is for cooking at high temperatures and is composed of carbon steel and cast iron among others.


The pots are used to simmer liquids in large volumes. It is also heavy and equipped with two loop handles.


Is Your Kitchen Looking Tired? Colour Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Painting your kitchen in bright colors is a cost-effective way to make a dramatic change to the space. You can use complementary colors on the walls, doors, and cabinets for a coordinated look.

A lot of work goes into painting the kitchen cabinets. Painting your cabinets in the right colors can help give the area a designer look. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to revamp your outdated kitchen cabinets, it makes a big difference to paint them a fresh new color. Here are some color suggestions to enhance your kitchen.

White: If you have white appliances, it can be effective to paint your kitchen with white paint. In this way, you can make the space look as spacious as possible. Even if the appliances are a different color, white can complement them all.

Light Colors – By painting the cabinets in light colors, you can really brighten the area. For example, try sunny yellow if your kitchen doesn’t get a lot of light. It will really make a dark wood floor island or butcher block countertop stand out.

Blue: If you want to make a bold statement with your cabinets, try blue.

Sophisticated Gray: By painting your cabinets in gray colors, you can give the space a refined and classic look. It can also evoke a more modern feel.

Black – If your kitchen walls are white, consider painting your kitchen cabinets black. In this way it gives the space a sophisticated and dramatic look.

Green – Green cabinets can add a cottage feel to your kitchen. Bright lime green can brighten the area while giving the space a contemporary look.

Chocolate Brown: By painting your kitchen cabinets chocolate brown, you can preserve the feel of the wooden cabinet.

Mix It Up: If you can’t decide on a color for your cabinets, mix up your favorite colors. Paint the top and bottom of the cabinets in different colors. For example, you can try a combination of sky blue and green.

Use your imagination, select the color that appeals to you the most, and start painting your cabinets. If painting them yourself is a difficult task, you can get help from experts. There are many companies that offer kitchen painting services. Most of these services are cost effective and can offer hassle-free services. You can find a kitchen painting service provider in your area online.

If you’re going to get a service provider to paint your kitchen cabinets, they might even give you some suggestions to try that you wouldn’t have thought of yourself.


How to Host the Best Cocktail Party Ever

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to thank your co-workers or some of your distinguished business clients and investors alike? Just carefully plan an action packed evening cocktail that will be adorned with the most stylish and innovative cocktail decorations adorned with party balloons.

Well, you should be aware that different cocktail catering companies have cocktail packages like chalk and cheese that come with additional goodies such as decorating tools, lip smacking treats, and even top-notch wine drinks. Some of the services provided by these companies include office cocktails, wedding cocktail promotions, workshops on various wine drinks, and even workshops on team building.

Plus, any company that offers cocktail catering will definitely add some really tempting corporate gift ideas to their specialty list. These gifts will not only show your heartfelt appreciation for your hard work, but will also serve as a reminder to everyone who was present at your elegant cocktail party.

Some of the corporate gift ideas you may find in many cocktails include Gold Fortune Cookies, Star Business Card Holders, Corporate Decision Maker, Polkadot Necktie Bottle Opener, Desk Clocks, Silver Coated CD Players, Key Chains corporate names in silver and gold colors. , wooden mallets, Austrian crystal card holders, leather cigar cases and cases, custom base bats, presidential sand writers, picture frames and watch scallops and sparkling star trophies, among many others.

Now, no corporate cocktail would be complete without some colorful cocktail balloons, like the flat glass and champagne bottle, unreflected lavender and red rosebuds, and unreflected blooming red and lavender roses.

All in all, the most important thing when it comes to planning a cocktail party is the location and decorating ideas that will give you the WOW factor. Some good ideas to help you include having a theme for your party, lava lamps, candles, dim lights, balloons, and attractive tablecloth designs. Again, use very simple yet exceptionally stylish cocktail decorations that will at the same time help you lower your spending costs.

The focal point of a cocktail is the bar. Although the kitchen is an ideal place for this, it is more fun to locate your bar in the main reception room. Here are some tips to keep in mind when hosting a cocktail party.

1) Make sure you have several cocktail shakers. Have a large pitcher and tall mixing stick for making thirst-quenching cocktails.

2) Place different shapes and sizes of glasses on separate trays, ready for different concentrations of mixes. Offer mineral water, fruit juices, and non-alcoholic alternatives on a separate table.

3) Place large bowls of snacks around the room and make sure there are plenty of canapes or very small sandwiches and snacks like mini quiches and muffin pate.

If you intend to offer a morning cocktail where your guests can go somewhere for lunch or shopping, then your cocktails should be light in taste and not too alcoholic. Champagne has been a perennial favorite as an ideal morning drink, whether served alone or as part of a delicious concoction.

Essential for your cocktail is ice. If you have entertainment on any scale, you will have to order ice from a local delivery service. If you are lucky enough to have a large deep refrigerator, you will be able to store homemade ice in it. Always make sure you have a good stock of glasses available and that you have at least one person, depending on the size of your group, whether to offer your guests to replenish their cocktails, collect and wash used glasses or serve some. shape. of a light snack.


The Best Ways to Clean and Store Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Gardening at home is the best way to provide you and your family with fresh, delicious, and healthy fruits and vegetables. But if your fresh produce wilts and browns when you store it, it creates undesirable waste. Here are some simple ways to extend the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables and prevent them from turning brown before you can eat them.

  • Apples: Apples can be stored for the long term if they are kept in a cool, dark place that is relatively humid and well ventilated. For example, try wrapping each apple in a single sheet of newspaper and then storing them with the folded side of the paper down in a barrel or open cardboard box in your basement. Apples can last for a few months this way. Just be sure to check for any rotten ones, as one rotten fruit will cause the others to rot. For short-term storage, apples can be stored in a vented plastic bag in the refrigerator.
  • Asparagus: Asparagus is likely to become slimy or wilted if the stems are grouped together. It will last about 4 days if you store the stems loosely in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Or, to make it last even longer, place the pointed jars (root side down) in a pitcher of cold water in your refrigerator. Asparagus likes cool and humid conditions and can last up to 2 weeks if kept in these conditions.
  • Avocados: Whole avocados will keep well in the refrigerator for about 3-4 days. If you want to ripen the avocados, place them inside a paper bag and fold the opening. Remember that as soon as you cut an avocado, oxidation will begin. If you want to extend the life of a cut avocado, leave the pit as long as possible and sprinkle lemon or lime juice over the cut pulp.
  • Bananas: Bananas should never be stored in the refrigerator, as they will make your skin darken. (This oxidation process is harmless but seems unappealing.) It is best to keep bananas at room temperature. Handle them carefully to avoid bruising or use a banana perch, which helps slow ripening.
  • Berries: Berries are best stored in the refrigerator, but in the warmest area of ​​your refrigerator. Keep them as dry as possible in a covered container. Do not wash them until just before eating. Remember that berries are delicate and easily bruised.
  • Broccoli: Keep broccoli in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. If kept in consistently cool and humid conditions, it can last for about 10 days.
  • Carrots: Carrots will keep for several days if stored in a cool place with good air circulation, such as the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.
  • Celery – Celery will last several days if you leave it in the refrigerator and intact. If you want to store it in washed individual stems, try filling a plastic container with water and a couple drops of vinegar. Seal the container and store it in your fridge. The celery stalks will last about 3 days this way.
  • Cherries: Store the cherries in a ventilated plastic bag in your refrigerator. Do not wash them until just before eating. Store the grapes in the same way.
  • Corn – Store corn with its husks in your refrigerator. It will keep for about 5 days this way. Do not remove the peels until you are ready to prepare it.
  • Melons: melons will ripen at room temperature. If you want to ripen one, leave it on your kitchen counter. If you have a ripe melon, store it in a cool, airy place or in your refrigerator. Melons are best stored in an environment between 40 and 50 degrees F.
  • Onions – Store onions in a cool, dry place. They will become mushy if stored in the refrigerator. Store onions separately from potatoes as they emit a gas that speeds up the aging process of potatoes. Onions can be stored for up to 6 months if they are kept cool and dry.
  • Oranges, lemons, limes, and other citrus fruits – Citrus fruits will last about a week when stored in your refrigerator.
  • Peas: Store peas in a cool, humid place, such as the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. They can last 1 to 3 weeks this way.
  • Potatoes: keep potatoes in a dark, cool and dry place. They keep well and can even last for several months under these conditions. Do not store the potatoes in the refrigerator, as this will encourage them to sprout or become moldy. Don’t eat potatoes if they have been exposed to light and have developed green spots.
  • Tomatoes: if the tomatoes are red and ripe, keep them in a cool place, ideally around 50 degrees. They will last about a week this way. If the tomatoes are green and you want to ripen them, put them in a paper bag and fold the open end. Then put the bag in a nice warm place where it is around 70 degrees F.
  • Yellow Zucchini and Zucchini – Yellow zucchini and zucchini are best stored in a ventilated plastic bag in the refrigerator. They will stay that way for about 1-2 weeks.

As a general guideline, always leave an inch of stem or more when harvesting fruits and vegetables in your garden. This will help reduce water loss and help prevent diseases from reaching the fruit as well. Always choose fruits and vegetables at the peak of their maturity and avoid those that have been badly damaged by insects. This will help you get the best possible shelf life from your fruits and vegetables.


How to Sanitize Your Kitchen and Home During Covid-19

There is a boom in the market around drain cleaners especially during this Covid-19 period. Companies are exploiting the idea that people want to ensure a properly sanitized kitchen by offering products that are not as effective as they were marketed. When you go to a market to buy these items, you are literally flooded with so many options that it is often difficult to find the best among them.

So how can you choose the product that would be the best drain cleaner? Here are some tips that can help you with your choice.

Ease of Use – You want a cleanser that can be used comfortably. Today, these kitchen waste cleaners come in powder or package form. You can place them in the kitchen drain opening and let some water flow. Its formulation breaks down the accumulated food and passes it easily. So you can keep your clean drain pretty simply with these items.

Environmentally friendly: As good citizens of the country, you will not want to use a product that could be dangerous to our mother nature. The commercially available cleaners available on the market come loaded with powerful chemicals and toxins that could be quite dangerous to our ecology. That is why it is very important that you choose the product that is friendly to nature. You should look for a product that contains natural enzyme formulations. These formulations contain natural components and, therefore, do not disturb the environment.

Quality: The product may not be very expensive, but it is good if you make sure it is quality. To make sure of this, you should always do your research on the brand and the reputation it has.

Deodorization ability: Another problem that owners often complain about with their disposal system is the bad smell it gives off. The reason for this is that food particles that get stuck in the system degrade, resulting in such an unpleasant smell. Therefore, you also need a removal deodorant. You can find cleaners that come with fragrances that would not only remove the bad smell, but also create an uplifting atmosphere within the kitchen.

Disinfectant – Kitchen waste also becomes the breeding ground for bacteria, which could be quite dangerous for your family. Therefore, you should look for products that can keep germs at bay, that is, the one with disinfecting capabilities.

These key points will help you find the perfect drain cleaner for your kitchen. Today, you can also find smelly drain cleaning products offered online. You can buy them comfortably through the web platform Stay safe and healthy!

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