Billie Eilish fans lash out at the price of the new star merchandise – ‘£70?!’

BILLIE EILISH has been out of the public eye for some time due to the ongoing pandemic, however the latest move by the pop star’s heritage has left fans completely furious as the price of various pieces of her merchandise it is quite expensive.

Billie Eilish has become a fairly prolific pop star in her short tenure. From being a Spotify sensation to becoming one of the world’s greatest hit makers with Bad Guy, the young lady certainly has a brilliant career ahead of her.

Her fans have already established themselves as some of the most passionate, who would defend her anytime, anywhere.

Unfortunately, things seem to have changed a bit in Eilish.

The star team has recently unveiled a new line of products for the star.

This product line includes its iconic lime green color as well as its Billie Eilish logo taped to various pieces.

However, the prices of the merchandise has left fans devastated as fans have asked their team to bring back the previous merchandise.

Fans have the biggest issues with a £ 70 Billie logo beach towel and £ 65 pair of shorts.

Speaking on Twitter about pricing, a fan wrote: “who allowed Billie Eilish’s marketing team to charge £ 70 for a TOWEL.”

Another agreed: “@billieeilish I love you but please darling, the bohsh looks stiff and £ 70 FOR A TOWEL !!?!?!?! ???!”

A third asked: “This is a message for Billie Eilish and Billie Eilish only. BABY WHY TF IS THE MARKET MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. I’m going to cry.”

With even more fans writing, “Sorry, but why is Billies a new commodity?” and: “billie eilish bring your old merchandise for a while please”.

Unfortunately, as this is the new Eilish Mercy Collection, it doesn’t look like it’s going to get a discount any time soon.

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