Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with the other signs

Virgos are always attentive to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac.

So much care requires a partner to match, so we brought the loving compatibility of the sign Virgo to you.

Virgo’s methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often naive, their hearts can be closed to the outside world.

This is a sign that is often misunderstood, not because they lack the ability to express it, but because they do not accept their feelings as valid, true or even relevant when they oppose reason.

The symbolism behind the name speaks well of its nature. He was born with the feeling that he is experiencing everything for the first time. So which are Virgo-compatible signs and which Virgo is most likely to be happy in love?

Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with Aries: Earth + Fire

The astral combination of Virgo and Aries is not easy. Virginians are slow to surrender and Aryans are always in a hurry to get to the bottom of the relationship . Therefore, this loving synastry may not go very well.

Also, Aryans don’t like to follow established rules much, which the Virgo loves to do besides formulating them.

Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with Taurus: Terra + Terra

Signs of the earth element, Virgo combines with Taurus naturally. Sex and trust will be the high points of the relationship.

In addition, Virgins love to have someone put them on their lap and treat them with a lot of affection, which the Taurean can do very well.

These two signs tend to be great companions and accomplices in and out of the relationship .

Loving compatibility of Virgo with Gemini: Earth + Air

The loving combination of Virgo and Gemini is not the best. This is because the inconsistency and lack of commitment of the Gemini is to make any virginian crazy and insecure .

Being a Virgo a sign that hardly surrenders when not feeling safe, will be in eternal doubt about this relationship.

Their tendency to rationalism means that this union ends up being based on everything that is related to thought and little on closer contact.

Loving Compatibility of Virgo with Cancer: Earth + Water

In general, dating between Virgo and Cancer tends to last a long time, as the Virgin may find that he has found a home within the Cancerian’s dreams .

The Cancerian, in turn, will feel that the order and constancy that the Virginian offers are all he wants from a partner.

These qualities guarantee a peaceful coexistence, without many misunderstandings, but will require both patience to understand each other’s way of loving.

Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with Leo: Earth + Fire

There is a certain affinity between Virgo and Leo . At first the virginian will be attracted to leonine self-confidence, but over time, spoiled attempts to always draw attention and want to boast in all situations can really tire the virginian.

Depending on the degree of leonine need to appear, the virginian may feel trapped in a masked and manipulative person. Hence the rain of criticism will be torrential and inevitable.

Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with Virgo: Terra + Terra

Virgo and Virgo match, but they can do very well or very badly, depending on how willing they are to commit to the relationship.

They are both unstable, fearful of binding commitments, nervous, insecure and analytical beyond measure.

The strong one is the sensual and physical side, the companionship, the good humor and an immense desire to always improve things.

Two Virgins will establish an invisible language between them, which only the couple will understand. Order will reign in this relationship. None of those usual marital games. They will know how to respect each other and keep a quiet pace in love, but they will move away from a love routine.

Loving compatibility of Virgo with Libra: Earth + Air

Virgin and Libra combine in love. The Libran will be charmed by Virgo’s intelligence , which in turn will delight in Libra’s beauty, delicacy and social malemolence.

The good mood of the virginian will always be a factor that will make the two agree.

In general, this relationship tends to be lasting if both are patient enough to cope with adversity and respect the needs of themselves and others.

Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with Scorpio: Earth + Water

Virgin and Scorpio are compatible. It is very common to find couples with this loving synastry, as there is a natural attraction between the two signs.

Virgo easily succumbs to Scorpio charms and mysteries, which, when it comes to conquest , becomes obsessed. He uses and abuses a charm that he can hardly maintain after having achieved his goals.

The Scorpian, in turn, falls in love with his partner’s apparent innocence. By not demonstrating his feelings, the Virginian becomes a difficult prey that demands all the power of seduction of the partner. It is a love game that often involves very controversial feelings.

Loving compatibility of Virgo with Sagittarius: Earth + Fire

The loving combination of Virgo and Sagittarius is also very good. This union will be a meeting in a good mood.

Both signs are mutable and want to disseminate information. Moved by spirit and curiosity, they are versatile, adaptable, curious and lovers of change and variety. They are attracted to each other and complete each other on a very deep psychic and emotional level.

Sagittarius teaches Virgo to live in contact with her wildest and most sensual nature, which gives her more confidence and liveliness. In turn, Virgo teaches Sagittarius that practical efficiency is the shortest way for him to fulfill his most secret ambitions.

Loving compatibility of the sign Virgo with Capricorn: Terra + Terra

The Astral combination of Virgo and Capricorn is perfect. We may even venture to say that Virgo’s soul mate is Capricorn.

They both know how to exchange experiences better than any pair in the zodiac, and this makes them good friends.

These two earth signs agree on their goals, and are attracted to recognize in their partner inherent characteristics in themselves.

The only caution is with the negative view of Capricorn life, which often confuses negativity with realism. This tendency to always see the bad side of things can scare away the virginian, who prefers to view life as a mystery to be unraveled, without forgetting good humor.

Loving compatibility of Virgo with Aquarius: Earth + Air

The loving combination of Virgo and Aquarius is quite complicated. Both gravitate to different spheres. While Aquarius is in control of the social space, Virgo connects with the intimate and the detail. This relationship will not be easy for either of you.

The virginian will be attracted by the sympathy that the aquarian exerts within his group of friends, but will soon notice that within the beloved there is also a great tyrant who ruthlessly excludes those who do not follow his rules.

Virgo will feel manipulated and will despair especially of the Aquarian’s difficulty in accepting his efficient and sensible ideas.

Loving compatibility of Virgo with Pisces: Earth + Water

Dating between Virgo and Pisces is often very constructive. This is because the two are opposites that attract each other and can learn a lot from each other.

In fact, the sentimental and romantic Pisces makes Virgo more easily relax and lower her emotional shield . This causes the liberation of Virgo from the search for an unachievable perfection.

On the other hand, Virgo teaches Pisces that it takes organization even to make art. One counteracts the other, creating the synergy that gently sustains an enriching and lasting relationship.

Conclusion: What is the best combination for Virgo?

But after all, Virgo is compatible with which sign? Now that we have seen Virgo’s relationship with the other signs we can say that the cupid of Virgo’s love is Capricorn .

These two signs share a crucial feature: They both know how to do things. Whether creating the most bombastic study guides of all time or producing college applications, the two are dedicated to success . This lays the foundation for an incredibly supportive relationship. Hello power couple!

When it comes to admiration, the ideal match for Virgo is Pisces . They are both super compassionate and love to take care of the important people in your life (their specialty: a plate of homemade birthday cookies), which makes you both totally in tune.

But of course we cannot ignore Virgo’s affinity with Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio.

The worst combinations for Virgo are: Aries, Gemini and Aquarius.

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