Loving compatibility of the Leo sign with the other signs

Leo, when in love, is sincere, fun, loyal, respectful and very generous. He will assume the leading role in any relationship. What sign is it that will submit to the wishes of the leonine? This article about the loving compatibility of the Leo sign will answer you.

Since the Leo likes to impose things, he needs a partner who is self-conscious, reasonable, and has the same intellectual level as him. The partner must also feel free to express themselves and fight for themselves, or too much sunlight can burn their own personality.

See what Leo’s relationship with other signs looks like and find out which signs are compatible with Leo.

Loving compatibility of Leo with Aries: Fire + Fire

The love match between Leo and Aries is a bit complicated. This is because they tend to want to shine too brightly within the relationship.

Aryans will have to give in sometimes and give in to their partner’s wishes . If this happens, the mood will be one of constant passion no matter how long it lasts.

Sexually, in this synastry there will be heat left, but when you return to the real world, you will feel the cold of the disagreements.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Taurus: Fire + Earth

Lion- Taurus dating can be a little troubled. The jealousy of taurine can greatly disrupt the relationship, as well as the need for Leo to be admired by all, in constant search for applause.

The love relationship between them is marked by intense sensuality, but will need to face many obstacles to become a stable and lasting bond.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Gemini: Fire + Air

Although at first glance they look very different, Leo and Gemini are compatible. Gemini and Leonino temperaments can easily adjust and there is certainly attraction between them.

The relationship between a Gemini and a Leonino can be very intense, but easily broken. This may be mainly due to the castle of illusions that Gemini usually makes and Leo usually believes.

Loving Compatibility of Leo with Cancer: Fire + Water

The astral combination between Leo and Cancer is a bit complex. Cancer can cause the leonino to come into contact with feelings and sensations that are hidden in the unconscious. Depending on their degree of self – awareness , and especially on their respect for each other’s privacy, this ability can be both a source of comfort and disturbance.

The two may complement each other, but this tends to be a somewhat fickle union. They will never get used to each other. The Cancerian, as intimate as he is, is startled when faced with the overwhelming strength and influence that the Leo has on others.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Leo: Fire + Fire

Leo and Leo match. This synastry is responsible for a great mutual attraction and a deep sense of identity.

The problem is just time to split the spotlight. If they can come to terms, this relationship can be very passionate and fruitful, yielding good contacts with important people and even marriage .

However, if there is an imbalance of forces and consequent competition between them, they will surely move away as two equal poles of a magnet.

Loving compatibility of Leo with Virgo: Fire + Earth

The affinity between Leo and Virgo is a little shallow. At first the virginian will be attracted to leonine self-confidence. But over time, spoiled attempts to always get attention and want to boast in all situations can really tire the Virgin.

Depending on the degree of leonine need to appear, the virginian may feel trapped in a masked and manipulative person. Hence the rain of criticism will be torrential and inevitable.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Libra: Fire + Air

Lion combines with Libra in parts. If the leonine is male and female is Libra, his partner can become a good mate, but totally dependent on the partner’s actions.

If not, the Libran tends to make leonine tired. This will inevitably make her look for someone more interesting and challenging for her.

However, if partners, regardless of gender, strike a balance within the power relationship established within the relationship, the union will be very happy.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Scorpio: Fire + Water

The loving combination between Leo and Scorpio is an interesting power game. Much more than a relationship , this union can result in a highly cruel and poisonous iron arm for both partners.

Even if they feel harmed, they can insist on the relationship only by the desire to subdue the other, thus imposing their will.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Sagittarius: Fire + Fire

The astral combination of Leo and Sagittarius , fire with fire , can result in a great love relationship. With companionship and encouragement in all aspects of family life and work. We may venture to say that Leo’s soul mate is Sagittarius.

A positive point between the two is communication: they easily understand each other and especially accept each other. The Sagittarian will know how to accompany the Leo in all his social commitments and vice versa, because both have this characteristic of sociability.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Capricorn: Fire + Earth

Leo and Capricorn combine in love. The lion exerts a very strong attraction in Capricorn, who falls in love with the strength and magnetism that Leo has. But in this relationship, the one who wins is the Capricorn.

Although hopelessly in love with the leonino, Capricorn does not like to show his feelings, which makes the leonino very angry , because he loves that his partners pay endless tribute to him.

Loving compatibility of Leo with Aquarius: Fire + Air

The loving compatibility between Leo and Aquarius is very constructive. Together they can have the strength they both need to realize their dreams without generating major rivalries or attempts to control the relationship.

The Aquarian, on the contrary, will bring calm to the Leo, who will feel comforted in his arms. He will not see his partner as a threat to his domains, despite the Aquarian defending and demanding his freedom.

Loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Pisces: Fire + Water

The astral combination of Leo and Pisces creates the kind of relationship in which the two together produce much more than the sum of what the two would produce apart .

However, as it is a relationship between opposites, fire and water, the challenge will be in both recognizing their strengths together. Otherwise, they may fall into a sea of ​​misunderstanding where they will drown quickly.

So, basically, the success of this relationship will depend on their ability to live and understand very distant universes and personalities.

Conclusion: What is the best combination for Sagittarius?

But after all, Leo is compatible with which sign? Now that we understand what Leo’s relationship with the other signs is like, we can say that Leo’s love cupid is Sagittarius .

Both Sagittarius and Leo are robust, ardent and fun signs that share a mutual love of adventure and freedom, both in love with the experience of life itself. Each stimulates, encourages and inspires the other to reach new heights.

The loving compatibility between Leo and Gemini is also very rich. Both approach life with enthusiasm, although they do so from different angles: Lion with the heart and Gemini with the head. This is a couple who usually have wonderful times when they are together.

Now, when it comes to attracting opposites, the best combination for Leo is Aquarius . Both dream big and want to accomplish great things in life.

Nor can we ignore the loving compatibility of the sign Leo with Aries, Libra and another person of the same sign.

Already the worst combinations for Leo are: Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer.

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