Loving compatibility of the Cancer sign with the other zodiac signs

In love, cancer is sensual, affectionate, romantic, sympathetic, imaginative, sweetly seductive, protective, loyal and intuitive. Cancerians are cautious, make no commitment to anyone. But when they commit, it is forever. Which sign will be able to make the cancerian surrender? This you discover in this article about the loving compatibility of the sign Cancer.

The cancerian has a subtle way of showing that he is interested in someone. He leaves clues for the other to decipher.

Deep down, Cancer longs for a deep emotional bond with a lover so that they can create a comforting love nest together. They become very attached to the one they love and are extremely dedicated.

See what Cancer’s relationship is like with the other signs and find out what is the best combination for Cancer.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Aries: Water + Fire

The loving combination of Cancer with Aries is, to say the least, unusual. Cancerians surrender deeply and live the relationship in a more loving way, idealizing love and making plans for the future .

Aryans prefer the present and are more uncompromising in their way of life. This combination can lead to a great love or it can end both frustrated because they cannot combine the temperaments.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Taurus: Water + Earth

Cancer and Taurus combine in love and form one of the most beautiful love synods of the zodiac. We might even risk saying that Cancer’s soul mate is Taurus. The relationship between the two is very harmonious . They value family, loyalty and surrender.

Both will establish a great deal of intimacy with each other and will probably identify with each other’s ideals and dreams for the future, making them share absolutely everything.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Gemini: Water + Air

In the astral combination of Cancer and Gemini , the couple should be very patient and willing to negotiate routinely. They need to set aside their attraction for control of the relationship unless they want to live in a constant fight .

Gemini likes to talk, go out and see people. Cancerians, on the other hand, are just the opposite: they prefer to stay home and enjoy the most intimate moments rather than sharing time with others.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Cancer: Water + Water

Cancer and Cancer combine. As is often the case when people of the same sign meet, this is a kind of relationship that is established at first glance by the sense that one has known each other for a long time.

This can be a very happy relationship and can result in a very safe home where both can rest barefoot. The jealousy may also affect the relationship a bit, for Cancerians generally like to have and belong to someone in full.

Loving Compatibility of Cancer with Leo: Water + Fire

Cancer and Leo are compatible. Cancer can cause the leonino to come into contact with feelings and sensations that are hidden in the unconscious. Depending on their degree of self – awareness , and especially on their respect for each other’s privacy, this ability can be both a source of comfort and disturbance.

The two may complement each other, but this tends to be a somewhat fickle union. They will never get used to each other.

The Cancerian, as intimate as he is, is startled when faced with the overwhelming strength and influence that the Leo has on others.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Virgo: Water + Earth

In general, the relationship between Cancer and Virgo tends to last a long time. The virginian may find that he has found a home within the cancerian’s dreams . The Cancerian, in turn, will feel that the order and constancy that the Virginian offers are all he wants from a partner.

These qualities ensure a smooth living without much misunderstanding. However, it will require both of you enough patience to understand each other’s loving ways.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Libra: Water + Air

In the loving combination of Cancer and Libra , the Moon meets Venus bringing and combining Libra’s seduction and delicacy with Cancer’s imagination and inventiveness.

This will be a relationship permeated by kindness on both sides. The magic will involve the two partners, who will be in love for a long time and discovering each other. The love that will come between you will be calm, ready to lull the dreams you will build together.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Scorpio: Water + Water

Signs of the same element, water, the affinity between Cancer and Scorpio is natural. The temperaments of both can easily be adjusted. There is mutual sympathy and understanding of each other’s ideals and goals.

Cancer tends to submit to Scorpio’s wills, by its more passive nature. The scorpian, in turn, will know how to take advantage of it by gently controlling his partner. The passion can be deep and the relationship lasting.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Sagittarius: Water + Fire

Cancerians like to travel and discover new directions, to go different ways than conventional. Thus they will find in Sagittarians great companions.

The astral combination of Cancer and Sagittarius will result in a relationship without too many ups and downs and not long lasting, as both will miss a more overwhelming passion .

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Capricorn: Water + Earth

One wants success and the other happiness. The love compatibility between Cancer and Capricorn is of the complementary opposite type.

Ruled respectively by the Moon and Saturn , these two signs form an axis that is linked to our deepest needs: internally affection and care, externally prestige and respect.

Only when balanced the pursuit of these two needs can generate deep and stable relationships.

Love Compatibility of Cancer with Aquarius: Water + Air

While the Cancerian insists on seeking the past, the Aquarian likes to see the future. But in general, Cancer suits Aquarius . This synastry tends to result in a good union when both can deal with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Often the versatility and adaptability of the Aquarian will contrast with a certain inertia that the Cancerian tends to develop. In this way, Cancer will benefit from the union and will tend to have a more creative and busy life.

Love Compatibility of the Cancer sign with Pisces: Water + Water

Too much feeling, too much drama, too much exaggeration, and too little practicality on both sides can make it difficult to express on a more rational side. Thus, the loving compatibility of Cancer with Pisces is not usually the best.

The depths of love will envelop them, but it may be that it is easy to maintain a dialogue about the situation. This can cause the relationship to get lost a bit in the midst of mistakes.

Conclusion: What is the best combination for Sagittarius?

But after all, Cancer is compatible with which sign? After analyzing Cancer’s relationship with the other signs we can say that Cancer’s love cupid is Taurus .

Strong and reliable, the Taurus provides a solid shoulder for Cancer to lean on. Although very cautious in love , they are naturally sensual.

Another good love match for the sign Cancer is Virgo . Ruled by two different forces, the Cancerian lives with emotions, intuitions, and imaginations. On the other hand, Virgo is the cool, calm and practical type. No matter how different they are, they both become devout and faithful in being in a loving relationship.

Now, if you are the type who believes opposites attract, then the perfect pair for Cancer is Capricorn . As the Cancerian longs for security and stability, he wants to engage in a relationship with a solid financial foundation, providing him with a home to enjoy. That way you will feel safe being with Capricorn, who has great ambitions and truly understands the importance of goal setting .

Nor can we ignore the affinity between Cancer and the signs of Scorpio, Pisces and another person also of the sign of Cancer.

The worst combinations for Cancer are: Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

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