zodiac signs that are most compatible with Aries

You don’t have to understand everything about astrology before you have probably realized that you get along much better with people from some signs than others. This is absolutely normal and happens because signs with characteristics similar to yours tend to have greater compatibility in any area of ​​life, whether in friendship or loveDo you know that story of already asking the sign when you meet someone? That’s what we’re talking about! After all, for those who believe in the influence of the stars, it is possible to have a slight sense of one’s personality just by knowing their sign – and of course whether you are alike or not.

If you are from the Aries sign or are trying to get closer to an Aryan, you are already running to check out the compatibility list below. However, it is important to remember that in this case only the sun sign is being taken into account . For further analysis, it is recommended to look for the person’s chart.

ARIES + ARIES: High compatibility! When the two people are very similar, there is always the feeling that they were made for each other. And it may be true. In both love and friendship, the combination of Aries with Aries provides a lot of passion, excitement and energy. Certainly, the two understand each other better than anyone. However, as always happens when two people are too alike, there is an obstacle: having patience, tolerance and knowing how to give in discussions.

ARIES + BULL: Low compatibility! An attempt may roll, but Aries and Taurus have very opposite personalities. While Aries is impatient, restless, and impulsive, Taurus is patient, quiet, and enjoys control. Also, Taurus people are often more jealous and even possessive, a feature that can irritate Aries. In a relationship, the combination of the two would probably result in an intense relationship – and this may not always be good.

ARIES + TWINS: High compatibility! It may not seem so, but the two signs have much in common. Both enjoy and need the feeling of freedom, so respecting and understanding each other’s privacy and space would not be a problem in this relationship, be it friendship or dating. However, some common features may also be negative, such as impatience. And any relationship may require a lot of patience, right?

ARIES + CANCER:  Low compatibility! Arguably, the combination of Aries and Cancer only works if the two respect their differences to the best of their ability. Aryans like to feel free, so they may not be very comfortable with attachment, sensitivity, and even cancerous manipulation at times – and that goes for any kind of relationship.

ARIES + LION: High compatibility! People from Aries and Leo have very similar tastes: they enjoy being on the go, are energetic, and enjoy socializing. However, a single defect can break this perfect match if they can’t handle it: competition. Since Leo often likes attention and Aries often likes to be right, they can both get along with good things, but it’s all about talking and giving in.

ARIES + VIRGIN: Low compatibility! In a common friendship, Aries and Virgo can get along very well. After all, Virginia people like to give advice, help and even organize things that friends can’t or don’t like. In a relationship, however, the story is different. Virgo can become a little controlling and authoritarian at times, irritating Aries’s independence and impatience.

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