Strength and weaknesses of men born under different zodiac signs

It is accepted that men are stronger than women not only physically but also morally. Men should not cry, men should take women’s hands and drag heavy bags instead of them, open doors, strike nails, hang pictures, etc., etc.

For women who relentlessly exploit their husbands, it can sometimes be very difficult to maintain their husbands. It seemed like everything was going so well, he was so strong, caring, he was doing everything, and then he took over and disappeared in a day. Of course it would disappear. Who would have liked to have no place for a man? A man is not just a money-maker. First and foremost, he is a man with his habits, strengths and weaknesses, who need tenderness and understanding, a kind word and calm after a hard day’s work.

Knowing the hidden aspects of a man’s character, one can build long-lasting relationships based on mutual love and respect. We suggest you find out what masks men born under different signs of the zodiac, and what weaknesses they hide.


Aries strength are:

  • creates the impression of a real man
  • open friendliness
  • firm handshake
  • brave with a degree of insanity;
  • suddenly becomes extravagant

Aries weaknesses:

  • can’t refuse friends
  • Has no patience for listening and doing boring work;
  • very negligent about health and daily routine
  • cannot obey
  • likes to disappear and then reappears without explaining the reason

Advices: Try to notice the vulnerable little boy who needs a backrest between his activity and self-centeredness.


Taurus strength are:

  • seeming prosperity and comfort
  • a family man with skilled hands
  • good business with good taste
  • it’s stubborn

Taurus weaknesses:

  • persistence and the inability to resist the temptation of pleasure
  • fear of becoming a man subject to women;
  • the desire for a favorite sofa
  • 300 years promise to repair bike
  • suffocated by the presence of intelligent interlocutors;
  • Love for tasty food and dessert deteriorates his health, obesity.

Advices: This man is always longing for tenderness and caring.


 Gemini strength :

  • charm and ingenuity
  • is inventive and original
  • is a great guest in any group
  • it is early accepted

Gemini weaknesses:

  • promises more than it can fulfill
  • it never stops, sometimes it falls behind two rabbits, several things start at once
  • doesn’t know what he wants
  • in it lives the spirit of rebellion against authority;

Advices: He should be helped to determine the purpose of life, and then to control that purpose. The twin needs two love, but not two women. Try to solve this puzzle.

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 Cancer Strength:

  • hypersensitive attitude towards women
  • they are good nurses;
  • is a man who loves to have heartfelt conversations

Strength weaknesses:

  • it is difficult to heal wounds because of the constant return to the past;
  • afraid of isolation
  • you will not even take your old clothes off for washing
  • very vulnerable, talkative, obsessive, grumbling, stubborn

Advices: Leave her alone when she is angry and closes herself. If you can’t move him, get sick.


 Leo Strength :

  • she is beautiful, she has bright exterior and clothes
  • it is important for him to maintain a good heart;
  • he looks like a romantic, royal extravagant, and like the aristocrats

Leo weaknesses:

  • afraid of disrespect and lack of attention to oneself;
  • beloved sofa, brandy and newspaper
  • Unsuccessful Leo in the community is a very sad sight

Advices: Let her feel that she is your king. Do not forget that you are a queen. Most importantly, always admire her, praise her, and be pure.


 Virgo Strength :

  • simple, logical thinking and systematic work in all matters
  • He is conscientious and punctual
  • has the ability to control himself;

Strength weaknesses:

  • he must work out and follow his own course and path of life;
  • is a slave to its logical justification
  • he is afraid of responsibility because he is too responsible

Advices: If you have been able to change his opinion on something, then he will do much for you.


  Libra Strength :

  • beautiful smile
  • able to disarm and charm

Libra weaknesses:

  • always dreams of solving the problem by himself;
  • can’t refuse
  • for bright women loses her mind
  • esthet
  • his mood can even be spoiled by the smell of fish you fry for dinner

Advices: Make all the decisions yourself. Beautiful dress, interior, delivery, candles, and she’s yours.


 Scorpio Strength :

  • a pervasive, sometimes blinkered look
  • seeming strength and reliability
  • is a born psychologist
  • Resistance to any blow to destiny;

Scorpio weaknesses:

  • Relentless in female flirting and coquettishness;
  • the need to have everything or nothing;
  • he has a different morality from the rest of the world, which causes problems with the law;
  • often gets sick due to internal conflicts that depress the soul;

Advices: You must have patience and boundless devotion. Remember, he remembers everything – both insults and joys.


 Sagittarius Strength :

  • authority, even when there seems to be no basis for it
  • has a wonderful brain
  • he always has exaggerated connections that decide everything in his own words
  • He loves sports but on TV

Sagittarius weaknesses:

  • he is sincere and true to all his interests, including love affairs.
  • is eternal single. She constantly goes from woman to girlfriend, and vice versa, until she gets tired.

Advices: Do not bind her to home and family, declare that you love freedom for yourself. Occasionally create intrigue in the form of secret bells or flowers.


 Capricorn Strength :

  • reliability
  • guaranteed love for life
  • emotional and material stability;

Capricorn weaknesses:

  • without marriage she feels insecure;
  • it is difficult for him to express his feelings and tenderness;
  • he desperately needs love;
  • he usually expects that he should be appreciated, thanked, and admired.
  • wants to control the family budget

Advices: Don’t embarrass her with dresses and beauty. Better show me what kind of housewife and mother you are.


 Aquarius Strength :

  • missing dreamy glance. It is as if his thoughts are wandering somewhere
  • sharp hints at your address are a clear sign that you are interested
  • is ready to make friends even with his rival

Aquarius weaknesses:

  • it is thrown into every new and unusual thing, be it human or idea
  • indifferent to material well-being, can be content with the smallest amenities
  • it is important for him to feel that he has nothing to do with it;

Advices: Do not open all your playing cards in front of him. Always excite her curiosity.


 Fish Strength :

  • cheerful smile, and the ocean of eyes sinks into endless dreams and dreams
  • obvious rheumatism
  • a man with a big heart. always ready to understand and comfort you

Fish weaknesses:

  • it is difficult for him to constantly be in the real world
  • sometimes he forgets to eat and is indifferent to his own conveniences
  • Great self-sacrifice and service to ideas, friends and beloved woman
  • under his humor is sadness and sorrow;

Advices: You cannot offend her dream, she will not forgive you. Better to share it with him and help make it real.

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