2018 Ford GT with Shelby Mustang GT500 in options for sale

Buying a GT is much more difficult than getting behind the wheel of a mundane Explorer SUV, as you must first be approved by Ford to claim the limited-performance supercar. If the Blue Oval turned you down, you now have a chance to claim a low-mileage example of the mid-engined V6 machine, as Mecum Auctions will have one up for grabs later this month.

Just four options amount to $70,000.

Those lucky enough to buy the GT directly from Ford agreed not to sell the car for the first two years of ownership. With deliveries to customers starting in 2017, it means more and more supercars are hitting auctions or for sale. That’s the case with this 2018 GT finished in Frozen White that will go up for auction in late August during the Kissimmee summer special event.

interior view

This particular owner is looking to make a quick profit just over two years after receiving delivery of the GT. While Mecum Auctions does not have an estimate, several other cars that changed hands after the two-year resale restriction expired reached seven figures. Even if this does not reach $ 1 million, it is likely to exceed $ 500,000 + decal paid by the original owner.

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