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Weekly Pregnancy Calendar – General Information For Every Mother To Be.


A weekly pregnancy calendar is a manual that records the fetus’s journey from conception to birth. Explain in detail, the development of pregnancy week by week that the fetus must achieve in the womb of the mother. The pregnancy calendar also provides details about the changes that occur in the mother’s body and tells you how to deal with these changes. This information can help the future mother determine that the fetus is growing healthily and that her pregnancy is safe. Therefore, each future mother must have a pregnancy calendar week by week to track the milestones that the growing fetus reaches each week. Today, there are numerous websites from which you can download these pregnancy calendars for free.

A look at the pregnancy calendar

A weekly pregnancy calendar generally follows a forty-week calendar. The calculation of the calendar is very simple. The LMP, that is, the date of the last menstrual period is the first day of the pregnancy calendar. Forty weeks from the date is the due date. Here, it should be noted that only in very few cases, the baby is born on the date of delivery. Generally, any day after week 37 is safe, because the baby would have reached full development by week 37.

A pregnancy calendar generally makes the following information available.

  1. The growth and development that the fetus must achieve in each week of pregnancy.
  2. The physical and emotional changes that the future mother undergoes and cope with these changes,
  3. Nutritional requirements and exercises for a healthy pregnancy.
  4. What is due and should not be done during the nine months.

Simply put, a weekly pregnancy calendar is an excellent reference guide for any future anxious mother. It helps you understand every change and emotion you would suffer during the forty weeks of the pregnancy wheel. It helps you keep track of what happens in your uterus every minute. The calendar helps relieve your anxiety and comforts you.

Maintain your own weekly pregnancy calendar

You can also make your own pregnancy calendar. It’s very simple. Once you know your LMP and the expiration date, you can begin to maintain the physical and emotional changes you experience weekly. You can compare this with any standard pregnancy calendar to make sure everything is fine.

Advantages of maintaining your own pregnancy calendar

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, maintaining your own weekly pregnancy calendar has some apparent advantages.

You can use the calendar as a notebook to write down your queries, doubts and apprehensions. This will be useful in future appointments with your doctor.

The pregnancy calendar is particularly useful in the third trimester of pregnancy (week 26 to week 40). In this last quarter, many changes are occurring in the mother’s body. The future mother will find the pregnancy calendar at hand. With the help of a good calendar, you can identify if your contraction is true or false and if it is necessary to consult the doctor.

A religiously written pregnancy calendar will be very useful for the doctor in case an emergency arises during the birth.

You can use your weekly pregnancy calendar to better understand your future pregnancies.

The weekly pregnancy calendar can also be called a pregnancy week by week. It records fetal developments during the 40 weeks of the pregnancy wheel.


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