The Nissan Ariya electric crossover, a rival to the Tesla Model Y, See Full Details!

A few months ago, Nissan fell asleep and provoked the world with a new line of Nissan vehicles that included the new 400z, Rogue Sport, and Qashqai. On July 15, Nissan will unveil the all-electric Nissan Ariya crossover, which will add electrification to the lineup.

Nissan Ariya will get the Japanese automaker’s answer to the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID4. The Ariya was one of the vehicles fooled in the official video of their upcoming lineup.
“The highlight of the new Ariya is the fusion of electrification and advanced driver assistance technologies that are expected to become autonomous cars in the future,” said Makoto Uchida, CEO of Nissan, in an interview earlier this year. month. “We hope that the new Ariya will play a key role as a brand driver and the face of Nissan for the new era.”

Therefore, the exaggeration of the SUV is quite high, and the D-day is not far either. It is speculated that the next Ariya will equip one or two engines, and Nissan’s four-wheel drive e-4ORCE twin-engine powertrain is predicted to fire the crossover from the 0-60 mph line in just 5 seconds. It will have an estimated range of around 300 miles. The crossover will also feature Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 autonomous driving system that will promote hands-free driving capabilities. It also pairs driver monitoring systems, to keep the driver on long trips.

A new 39-second video also revealed the interior of the upcoming SUV. The sleek, sleek dash has a screen long enough to stretch as much as the instrument cluster and infotainment system. Nissan has hinted that the Ariya will cost around $ 40.00 and will be the first launch in Japan and the US, and then hit European markets later. Other specs will be revealed on July 15, so stay tuned because we’ll be on time with our popcorn bucket.

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