The Chrysler 300 SRT: release date, specs, review, and latest update.

The 300 SRT offers an old school recipe: SRT stuffed a big Hemi engine into a Chrysler 300 sedan.
The Design:
First up, a high waist, a small glass house, and a great 20-inch tire combo to give the 300 a thick, prey-free stance. Second, this intimidating mirror-filling beast is enough to make even the most determined sprinter win his pack.
Third, with the exception of the SRT badge on the back, the exterior is a chroma-free area, with a black finish on the prominent door grille, wind frames and dark chrome wheels that punctuate the overall air. of the threat.

The interior:
First off, at just under 5.1m long, 1.9m wide, and 1.5m high, the 300 SRT is a sizeable machine, so it’s no wonder there is plenty of room in the inside.
Second, there is also a storage tank with a lid between the seats, for example with a sliding tray, two USB ports, an “auxiliary input” connector and a 12-volt output. Third, even elderly nicotine enthusiasts are served with an ashtray insert ready to slide into one of the cup holders and a cigarette lighter to fit into the main 12-volt outlet.
The fully lined edge is nicely trimmed, with a pair of flip-up bag hooks (22kg capacity), tethered anchors, and helpful lighting included.

The volume is 462 liters, enough to fit our three-piece hard case set (35, 68 and 105 liters) flat on the floor, or in the CarsGuide stroller, with tons of space to spare. A 60/40 split rear seat adds additional space and flexibility.

First, on a smooth, dry surface, activate the SRT’s standard launch control function and you’ve dialed in the ability to go from 0 to 100 km / h in a playful 4.5-second speed.

Second, unlike smaller capacity turbor engines, the large auto Hemi takes some time to develop maximum torque (637 Nm), reaching peak extraction at 4250 rpm. Keep the throttle steady, and full power (350kW) will be achieved at the cusp of the rev limiter at 6150 rpm.
The Chrysler 300 SRT is a large, fast, well-equipped and super-easy-to-use tower capable of absorbing the stresses of a city with ease. Secondly, it’s also showing its age in terms of design, extremely thirsty, dynamically flawed, and offered with a proprietary middle-class package.

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