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Stomach Crunches – The Easiest Way to Tone Your Stomach.


Stomach cracks are considered the most effective and easiest exercises to make your abdomen more flat. However, don’t expect stomach cracks to burn the fat that covers the stomach muscles, they can only help you tone it. If you want to have a flat stomach first, you will have to burn fat with cardiovascular exercises such as running, biking or swimming. You can support this process with abs to strengthen the stomach muscles or have a “six pack” ABS.

Stomach cracks can be performed everywhere without any special equipment. You only need to have half an hour every day and that’s it. Stomach cracks are usually included in each set of physical exercises. For example, if you are in a gym, you can start with the same cardiovascular exercises as running or cycling and then you can switch to abdominals. It’s also good to finish your fitness exercises in the gym with abs. The most important thing is to be systematic. If you do abdominal exercises once a week, all you will get is a pain in the muscles that you will feel the next day after your workout. The minimum is to do this exercise 3 times a week. The best is every day or at least 4-5 times a week. After a couple of difficult weeks, the muscles will adapt to stress and grow. This is also connected to a fat burning. The muscles grow and at the same time the fat burns, so after all we will get a flat and well-formed stomach. The results will be visible after 4-5 weeks depending on the amount of fat you have. Half a year doing stomach crunches and you will get a really nice flat stomach.

There are many ways to do abs. The most common exercise is called basic abs.

Basic Crunches:

To do this you have to lie on the floor. You can bend your knees or you can leave them straight. It is easier and painless for the back to do sit-ups with the knees bent. During exercise, your feet should be on the floor all the time. Do not lift them. You can put your hands on the floor or you can keep them behind your head or ears. If you have your hands on the floor, when you squeeze them, also raise them so that you almost touch your knees.

During the abs it is important to keep your back low on the floor all the time. Thanks to this, you will stretch your stomach muscles to the maximum level. Do as many abs as possible. Remember that before taking a break, you should feel strong pain in your muscles. Take a short break of 1-2 minutes and start doing crunches again. The first 2-3 weeks can do a small amount of repetitions. For example, 20-30 abdominals repeated 2-3 times. Increase later so you always do intensive training. If you feel exhausted, you can always take a break of one or two days, but no more.

Crunches with the chair:

The same as the basic abs, but will use the chair as a place to place the legs. Make a right angle between your legs and thighs. Remember on your lower back and keep it on the floor. Place your hands behind your head or ears and start doing abs. Do as many times as you can.

Crunches with legs raised:

Lie on the floor. Put your hands behind your ears or head. Join your legs and lift them to form a right angle between your legs and the upper part of your body. Now do your abs (remember not to lift your back). You can modify this exercise by touching the left elbow with the right knee and then the right elbow with the left knees. Do as many times as you can.

Crunches with raised V-shaped legs:

Lie on the floor. Stretch your legs and lift them up. When they open, open them to form a V. Keep your arms straight and place them between your raised legs. Now make a crunch. Keep your lower back on the floor. Do as many times as you can.

During the abs, remember the correct breathing. Exhale when you stretch, inhale in front. Do not forget your lower back and always keep it on the floor. For a better result, combine your abs with cardiovascular exercises such as running or cycling. They will help you burn your fat.



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