Singer Rema fulfil promise as he takes his lucky date on shopping spree (videos)

The next qualified singer, Rema, has caught the attention of many in the past few weeks. From his BET nomination to numerous international deals, Rema is sure to keep his fans talking. However, on Twitter today, fans are talking about the date the singer had a super fan.

This occasion from the start caused a huge uproar on Twitter. From the selection process, to the time of the date the singer has shared photos and videos online.
The singer, promoting his latest boop, Ginger, had embarked on a date with a female fan, prompting some funny and strong reactions from his fans, especially the ladies.
From photos of Rema’s moments with her that he shared in his Instagram stories; They visited places, shared some moments together and had dinner together. They also shopped together and ended the date on a yacht ride, where he kissed the young “fan” on her neck.

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