Rumored New Tesla Palladium Model S!!

Along with Project Roadrunner, which involves batteries, Tesla reportedly has another secret project in the works and it’s called Palladium and the focus is on a new Model S and Model X.

The focus of Project Roadrunner is better batteries to increase at a lower cost and it’s surely the most important project at Tesla right now. However, a refresh or full redesign of at least the Model S has been long-awaited too. The Model S is a bit dated and has not received a full redesign since its debut in 2012.

Meanwhile, the Tesla Model X is a bit cooler. It came on the scene in late 2015, so it may not need as much of a complete makeover as the Model S, but according to rumors, the Palladium Project is focused on overhauling both Teslas.

There is very little information about the Palladium Project, even if they are not “sources” to confirm its existence and focus. The project is carried out both in Fremont and in the gigantic factory in Nevada. Tesla is said to be reviewing both sites in preparation for new versions of the Model S and Model X.

There seems to be some connection to the Tesla Model S Plaid that was often seen licking the Nurburgring circuit as well. Rumors suggest that the powertrain found in the checkered Model S may form the basis for the new and / or refurbished Model S and Model X.

Other rumors suggest new bodies for both vehicles, so it seems that rumors are everywhere, but it seems certain that the Palladium Project exists. However, the focus is not confirmed, nor do we know of any official details.

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