My Hero Academia meets star Megan Thee Stallion with Mirko Fan-Cast

My Hero Academia has live action projects in progress, but none of them have addressed professional hero Mirko yet. The heroine made her debut in the last episodes of the fourth season, and the manga has made Mirko a fan-favorite character. There are dozens of cosplayers who have opted for Mirko, and it appears that in the cast of fans she may have found the perfect celebrity to take on the pro.

Recently, a comparison image hit social media after appearing on Imgur and Reddit. It was there that Mirko fans were shown alongside rapper Megan the Stallion. It was there that fans were able to see how similar the rapper’s style is to Mirko, and it’s a combination of fire.

The picture shows Megan at an event in a cropped white vest and bralette. This icy look goes well with Mirko’s usual outfit, as the white T-shirt is quite cute. The two also sport light hair as Megan has platinum blonde locks compared to Mirko’s white hair. The only thing missing is the rabbit ears, but a simple cosplay could fix it.
Of course, this cast of fans has netizens begging Megan to do a My Hero Academia cosplay, and it wouldn’t be too shocking to see her do so much. The rapper is a fan of anime, and has not shied away from her otaku side. In the past, Megan performed at events that rocked Naruto’s team, and even gave Sasuke Uchiha a shout in a recent song. She has even disguised herself as Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia on the cover of a magazine, and the fiery look went viral overnight.

In fact, Megan is a huge anime fan who recently collaborated on clothing with Crunchyroll. The special line live at the beginning of last week, so you can check it out and see if the wild collection suits your fashion senses!

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