Kanye West Gets Approval to Build a 10-Room Mega Mansion on Wyoming Ranch

Kanye West just got approval to build a massive 10-room mansion on one of his Wyoming ranches.
Kanye West appears to be expanding at one of his ranches in Coty, Wyoming, as the potential presidential candidate has been given the green light to build a gigantic house on his sprawling property. As questions arise about the legitimacy of Kanye’s presidential campaign, the Yeezy founder plans to build some new additions to his lakeside property. According to TMZ, who obtained the building and area permits submitted by Kanye, he has plans to build a huge 10-room mansion. This 52,000-square-foot property is said to replace the number of lakeside cabins and homes that can already be found on the ranch.

Kanye also applied for permission to build two 10,000-square-foot underground garages, which have also been given the go-ahead. TMZ also claims that Kanye appears to be exploring two other lake houses to add to the growing real estate.

While these plans appear to imply that the Kardashian-West clan will be spending more and more time in Wyoming, it is unclear whether that will be the case. However, as long as the pandemic lasts, it’s a pretty good place to hide and distance yourself from the rest of the world, though perhaps not if you plan to run for president.

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