Jeff Bezos just set a new record, declared the richest man of all time

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth more than $ 172 billion, being declared the richest man of all time.
While the Coronavirus, which is still on the rise in many U.S. states, has had devastating effects on public health, the necessary business closings have also left many unemployed and financially struggling. However, the effects of the stifled economy have not been uniformly reduced.

While many are struggling to get a job or wondering about the next round of stimulus checks, Jeff Bezos is better than ever. The Bloomberg Billionaire Index recently announced that the Amazon CEO has set a new record for wealth, surpassing the previous one he had prior to his divorce from ex-wife Mackenzie.

Bezos is now reportedly worth $ 172 billion. Much of this wealth is tied to Amazon, of which Bezos owns approximately 57 million shares (approximately 12% of the company). While most companies are struggling amid the pandemic, Amazon has actually seen its shares increase 56% this year, as many consumers have been forced to shop exclusively online during the quarantine.

Bezos’ staggering bank account numbers raise questions about income inequality and excessive wealth, especially at a time when many are struggling more than ever. Amazon, which has also been criticized for the safety of its employees and pays wages, says it will award more than $ 500 million in bonuses to front-line workers, as it recently eliminated an hourly wage increase of $ 2 and twice as much. overtime pay for these employees.

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