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How To Reduce Stretch Marks in 4 Simple Steps!


One of the worst things about pregnancy for most women is the horrible vision of large lines that crawl through your body. Although not all women have stretch marks, it is not far away, since 90% of us suffer from those horrible red lines that usually appear in the 6th or 7th months.

Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched for a short period of time and most often appear in the abdomen during pregnancy. However, the unlucky few will notice stretch marks in other areas, such as the buttocks, hips, thighs and breasts.

It is a depressing thought that even if you lose all the weight of your pregnancy after childbirth, you still cannot wear a bikini on the beach due to the devastated and unpleasant skin that hides under your clothes! But have faith! There are many things you can do to reduce or even prevent stretch marks!

It is widely believed that stretch marks are caused by the corticosteroid hormone, which reduces the collagen in the skin. Collagen is what causes your skin to stretch, so if you give it a helping hand you can avoid stretch marks.

This is what worked for me and I managed to get out of my pregnancy stretch mark for FREE!


Massage pure coconut oil on wet skin after your shower or bath. I did this twice a day and kept my skin in optimal condition, in addition to leaving it with a radiant and healthy glow!

(Tip: Do not buy your coconut oil at a health food store, they charge a small fortune! Instead, go to your local supermarket, as it is used for cooking in these cultures and it’s very cheap!)

  1. DIET

Make sure your diet is based on clean and healthy foods that are packed with nutrients. Vitamins C and E, zinc and silica are necessary to keep skin healthy and radiant. (Note that vitamin E supplements should not be used in pregnancy)

  1. WATER

I say it all the time (as I am sure you already know), but listen to me! It is vital that you drink enough clean and pure water during pregnancy so that you and your baby are happy and healthy.

One of the first things you will suffer if you are even 2% dehydrated is your GOO skin! YOU NEED to drink at least 1 liter of water for every 50 pounds of body weight to meet your body’s needs. Keep a bottle with you at all times and drink frequently!


The bigger you are, the worse your stretch marks will be! Stick to NATURAL food sources that are not processed.

My rules are to only eat fresh foods (or freshly frozen foods), which have come directly from the ground, swam in the river or in the sea, or foods with faces (animal protein).

If you eat this way most of the time, you will soon find that all cravings for non-emotional hunger disappear and that you only eat what your body needs to do its job properly.


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