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How to Make an Easy Pot Roast- Secret to a Delicious Beef Recipe.


Pot roast simply refers to a cut of beef suitable for simmering in a closed container. This type of comfort food is what everyone craves, especially during the cold season. Whether you cook in an oven, a stove, a slow cooker or a pot, this is a meal that you can enjoy with your loved ones and family. As we are considering an easy way to do this, the most sensible thing is to use a slow cooker. This requires only the proper time setting after putting all the ingredients and can be left alone. You can still have more time to attend to other things. But the final product depends largely on how individual ingredients are cooked and combined so that they cook perfectly and satisfy the palate.

Achieving the best roast beef is not impossible. We just need to follow some tips.

Buy the perfect cut for roasting in the pot for advice from the butcher in the supermarket. Choose roast beef with fats located outside the roast beef. This prevents dryness and makes it juicy and tender.
Always soften the meat when braised, since the roast has less fat content.
Brown the meat on all sides to highlight the flavor, but be sure to season the meat first before browning.
When using the slow cooker, vegetables should be added at the beginning.
Use beef broth or tomato juice for the cooking liquid.
Here is a recipe for easy roasting using a slow cooker.

Preparation time: 15-20 minutes.

We need:

3 pounds of 1 roast beef
6 medium carrots cut in thirds
5 medium white potatoes, cut in halves
2 medium onions cut into wedges
1 teaspoon cornstarch
½ cup beef broth or tomato juice
Freshly ground pepper
Coarse salt

Put the cold beef broth and cornstarch in a slow cooker. Stir the mixture until it becomes smooth.
Add onions, potatoes, carrots, salt and pepper and mix all ingredients.
Place the roast on the vegetables and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
Cover and cook the mixture at high temperature for 15 minutes.
When finished, transfer the roast to a cutting board and cut it into thin slices against the grain.
Place the vegetables and thinly roasted dish on a serving plate and pour the juices from the pan with a fine sieve.
Serve with freshly cooked rice to enjoy a full meal.
This version of roast steak is quick and easy and it only takes a few minutes to cook before dinner. There is no reason for a family not to enjoy dinner, even if everyone has busy schedules.

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