How to Make a DIY Dried Fruit Basket for Gift Purposes

You don’t need to buy a mixed box of dried fruit when you can make your own. All you need to do is adjust the ratio of the ingredients as you like.
Dried fruits can be stored for a longer period of time, making them useful for everyone.
If you are asked to name a quick gift option, what will be your response? One of the most common responses to this will surely be dried fruit! A well-decorated box of dried fruit has always been a popular choice among people for different types of occasions or celebrations. One of the reasons behind this is the long shelf life these snacks come with. Dried fruits can be stored for a longer period of time, making them useful for everyone. Plus, dried fruits are known to be packed with healthy nutrients. Therefore, a box of dried fruit is considered a smart gift option.

A dry fruit box or basket usually comes with a variety of dried fruits and nuts. However, you can also prepare a basket of dried fruit at home from scratch. We offer you some fruit and nut options that can make the basket healthy, tasty and personalized.
Here are 5 nuts and walnuts you can add to the basket:
One of the most common nuts in a box of dried fruit, the almond is known to be packed with calcium, protein, fat, fiber and other nutrients. Also, an excellent source of vitamin E, almond is known to be good for heart health.
This brain-shaped walnut is rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin D, protein, and more. Not only do they add crunch to the mix, but they also help shed a few extra pounds.
It is without a doubt one of the most popular walnuts on this list. The cashew’s rich texture and flavor make it a widely used ingredient in the culinary world. In addition, it is a good source of various nutrients beneficial to health. It appears to help promote healthy eyes, skin, and hair.
No basket of dried fruit is complete without including raisins. Not only does it add sweetness to the mix, it also makes it healthier. In this sense, the raisin is a deposit of natural sugar, which can curb sweet cravings without adding additional calories to our body.
Anjeer or Figs:
Its crisp texture makes anjeer a delicious snack option. It is filling up, therefore it works as a healthy alternative to various fried and quick meals to quench hunger pangs in strange times. Plus, it’s also packed with fiber, potassium, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and other essential nutrients.

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