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Heard Of Crossfit?-Find Out What It Is All About.


If you have paid attention to recent trends in the world of fitness, you have probably noticed the importance of constantly changing your exercise routine. You may even have noticed that many trainers and trainers focus more on programs of high intensity and shorter duration in longer and traditional sessions on weight machines, followed by 30 minutes or more on a ladder or similar piece of “cardio” equipment If you’ve really been paying attention, you may have heard about this thing called “Crossfit” and you’re wondering why such a fuss.

CrossFit is an exercise concept developed in the late 70s by Greg Glassman, a former gymnast. Greg took his knowledge of gymnastics and what he observed from strength training to design a unique program that everyone could benefit from. It was not until much later that Crossfit gained national recognition and became a popular program implemented by thousands of people.
Said in more concise terms, Crossfit is a series of constantly varied and highly functional exercises, covering a full range of motion, performed with moderate to high intensity (depending on your current fitness level) for a relatively short period, in a highly trained group environment period. A typical Crossfit workout will contain a strength development component (for example, something with a bar or weights), something aerobic (jumping on a box or on an object, paddling, working with a medicine ball, running, etc.) and Maybe some gymnastics. oriented, like push-ups, chin-ups or sauces. Usually, there is no rest between exercises, and everything is measured, either the total training time or the number of repetitions, so you can monitor your progress. The typical training time is fifteen to twenty minutes, which does not seem like much, but believe me, the first time you try, you will be surprised at how complete a training can do in this period of time.

CrossFit is designed to improve ten areas of fitness that include power, speed, cardio respiratory resistance, strength, endurance, agility, flexibility, coordination, balance and precision. This program can be done at home, in the gym, in a warehouse or at your local park. There are literally thousands of coaches affiliated with CrossFit worldwide who conduct training sessions outside the gymnasiums of stores, parks and garage spaces with very little equipment.

So how does a Crossfit installation compare to a standard large-box gym? In most cases, it really does not. The question that comes to mind when entering a Crossfit gym for the first time is probably “Where are all the machines?” A Crossfit gym is surprisingly scarce, underlining its emphasis on obtaining the most efficient training possible with a minimum amount of equipment. It is not empty in any way (it is not a “training ground” in other words), but there are no rows of single-function machines. Actually, Crossfit looks more like personal training, but, in many ways, it’s a better training than any personal training session, because the small group environment fosters a competitive spirit enough to provide that bit of extra motivation. And the coach is always there to make sure everyone uses the right technique and to provide the right stimulus. Yes, Crossfit costs more than a traditional large gym (after all, you have to pay coaches), but it is much less expensive than personal training.

So what does all this produce in terms of fitness, compared to a traditional gym? Do you remember how I mentioned how highly functional the exercises are? How many times have you had the experience of, after months of feeling pretty good about following an exercise routine, finding yourself facing a domestic task such as one or two hours raking the leaves, or maybe teaching one of the children to walk in bike? ? And how depressing it was to discover how incredibly sore I was the next day? It isn’t supposed to work that way, right? “I have worked very hard to get in good shape to be eliminated after stacking some firewood …” But with Crossfit, the exercises mimic the natural body movements associated with picking up objects from the ground, standing from a squatting position, lifting objects above the head, getting on things, jumping, running, etc. Not only do you feel and look great, but you reach a level of strength and functional and usable resistance that is simply not possible with the large standard gym approach, no matter how many insulation curls you make, or hours on the climber you record .

And finally, CrossFit takes the best of the best movements, including certain body weight exercises, Olympic lifts, gymnastic movements, strength lifting, jumping, throwing and hitting of medical balls, climbing with ropes, running, training with Russian kettle bells, rowing and more randomly combined at various intensities. The combination of all these activities will not only prepare you for the rigors of everyday life, but also prevent boredom and excessive use injury.


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