Ferrari officials claim to wait until 2022 for the Scuderia to win race.

2021 is considered to be painful for Ferrari, and it has been from the beginning of this session. And this makes it quite obvious for Italian fans to wait for the team to recover on the grid. But President John Elkann says he is unsure of the car’s competitiveness until 2022. They were very ambitious in their talks, hoping to beat Mercedes in races. But as the tracks progress, they are moving to midfield instead of their incorrect aerodynamic design, thus losing much of their power.

And now, as the rules are new, they will focus on winning with the new terms in 2022. They want to add their confidence to the main team despite a difficult start in 2022. Elkann claims that they are now competitive, and is convinced to win again in 2022. He also trusts his coaches and drivers. They have been part of Ferrari. And they also know very well how to win and lead in a cycle.

He went on to recall five consecutive titles in 2000, but they came after a long 20-year fast. So a long game awaits them and they are always forward thinking in their thoughts. He is also going to be brutal about the truth of his structural weakness that has persisted for decades.

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