Chris Brown gets a huge dog tattoo on his head

Chris Brown has been constantly adding to his ink set for years, but this time it really goes through his head. Brown already has a tattoo on his head, of the ancient Greek statue Venus de Milo, but he just added an attached piece. The new tattoo is right next to the Greek statue, and it’s a barking Doberman showing his teeth with one bulging eye. The menacing tattoo extends from the bottom of Brown’s neck to the top of the skull. For now, the piece appears to be colorless, but it looks bold with deep black lines and shading.

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3rd 👁 Tap in. DAMN THATS TUFF. GO CRAZY 🔥🔥🔥#tuffcrowd #OHB 4L 🦴🩸 ❤️

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Apparently, the dog tattoo is inspired by the logo of Tuff Crowd, an urban clothing brand based in Los Angeles. The art was done by famous tattoo artist GANGA, who also built Brown’s Jordan sneaker piece. When Brown is not tattooed, he is working on Breezy, which will be his 10th studio album. The talented artist left “Go Crazy” with Young Thug as the lead single, which currently ranks number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100. Lately, Brown has also been dodging Verzuz invites from Timbaland and claiming he could beat. Remove functions alone. The bold claim needs to be explored, as we are sure the masses would love to see a Brown VS Usher battle.

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