Beyoncé’s baby photo looks exactly like her daughter’s rumi (see photo)

September 4 is practically a holiday for Beyhive members because it is the day that Beyoncé was born. No matter how she celebrated her 39th birthday, whether it’s sending Queen Bey a birthday message on social media or playing her discography throughout the day, it seems she felt the love. She posted a message thanking fans for her birthday wishes on her official website, sharing a baby photo of herself, and we swear we’re seeing double because she’s Rumi’s twin in the adorable photo.

“IT’S VIRGO SEASON,” she wrote above the image, a perfect shot of herself as a child. “I want to thank everyone for the birthday love and the beautiful birthday wishes!”

Of course, the shot is unmistakably Beyoncé, but we can’t forget how much she looks like her 3-year-old daughter Rumi.

Fans also noted that they took to Twitter to comment on the fact that Rumi really is Bey’s mini-me. And yes, we know this is how genetics usually work, but it’s still so wild to see in action because they are so similar. From their big brown eyes to noses and eyebrows that will inspire eyebrow envy for anyone still reeling from the days of yore, they are truly twinning.

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