BBNaija: BBNaija presents BBNaira,a Betway wallet as its new exchange system

Big Brother Naija’s fifth season started with a bang!
It’s only been six days, but the new housemates have already impressed us, their fabulous style, even when we watch their jokes with each other as they converge on the house. Let’s not even talk about the relationships that are already beginning!
Big Brother presenter and Betway BBNaija Ambassador Ebuka Obi-Uchendu have announced that Big Brother will introduce a new exchange system in the house. Instead of coins, housemates will use BBNaira during their stay at home.
Here is everything you need to know about BBNaira, Betway Wallet and BBNaija’s new exchange system.
This time, no housemate can steal their colleague’s coins because each housemate will have their money safely stored in a Betway wallet.

And no, the Betway wallet is not a bag! It is an electronic wallet that shows how much each housemate has at a time on a screen in the house. So if a housemate receives BBNaira during a task in the arena, or for some reason, their wallet will be updated with the new amount, and when they use some BBNaira, they will be able to see the reduced amount on the screen.
A bit like a cool BBNaija bank account, right? We think so too.
Housemates can also use the BBNaira coin from their Betway wallet to participate in Sunday shopping, apply for privileges, buy immunity, and even buy veto power!

However, housemates can be fined with money from their wallet if they are caught violating house rules. As Ebuka said:, ‘Big Brother is introducing fines. There are some offences like not wearing your microphone properly, that will make you lose 5 BB Nairas. But there are also rewards, so of course, some good deeds might get the housemates rewards.’

While we await to the exciting games that will be played by the housemates, it is obvious that the arena games are an opportunity for housemates to fill their Betway wallets with some great BBNaira.

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