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Back & Hip Stretching Routine To Reduce Back Pain.


Backaches are one of the common and chronic wet problems that many of us face. Many suffer from back pain due to lack of attention and attention given to our back. We treat our back carelessly: sitting for long hours in poorly designed chairs and uncomfortable beds, walking with high heels or lifting heavy objects.

Back pain can be very painful and even debilitating at times, resulting in restricted movement and leaving many people in bed for days at a time. Your work and social life may be adversely affected. Your daily life can become a difficult task since there are many things you cannot do, since you cannot move in certain positions

Simple back stretching exercises should be incorporated into your daily routine regardless of whether you exercise, since the benefits are enormous. Even a simple stretch just after waking up prepares the back and the whole body for the next day and is less likely to have sprains. Just before going to bed, another stretch would loosen their muscles, freeing them from tension throughout the day.

You should stretch your back at the beginning of each exercise routine to first prepare your back muscles for the tension load that you will apply during your exercise routine. It will warm your muscles and increase your flexibility. After completing the workout, stretching the muscles once again would help to relax them from the tension they had just passed.

Back stretching exercise can help relieve and reduce that pain. Back exercises can be effective even without the use of medications or other therapies applied locally. However, there are some principles that you should keep in mind before stretching your back; to make sure it doesn’t cause your back to increase the pain in the process.

First, you must consider the causes of your back pain. Each individual is different and there are several causes for back pain. It is important that you know what is specifically affecting you. If you tense your muscles, you can seriously damage your back with more exercise.

Most exercises to stretch the lower back muscles are easy to perform. Here are some of them.

Knee jerks

Start lying on the floor. Bend the left knee and support the back of the left thigh with the hand. While keeping your right leg lying on the floor, bring your left knee close to your chest. Hold this position for 30 counts and then release the knee. Do the same with the other knee.

Press back

To begin, lie down, bend your knees and keep your feet firmly flat on the floor. Then, press the lower back against the floor by squeezing the abdomen. Keep breathing, keep your arms at your sides and rest on the floor, and hold this position for five counts. Repeat at least five times.

Supine turn

Start with the same position in Back Press. This time, cross your arms over your chest and keep both knees together. Then, in a deliberate motion, lower both knees to the left side while keeping your shoulders firmly flat on the floor. Let your knees lower as much as possible, but don’t force them to touch the floor. Hold this position for five counts and then return to the starting position. Repeat the process with the other side.

Pelvic arch

Start with the same position in Supine Twist, with your arms crossed over the chest. Then, carefully arch the pelvis and the rest of the lower body of the floor, as high as possible without forcing or causing any pain. Keep breathing and hold this position for five counts. Repeat the process at least three times.

Leg tower

Start with the same position in Back Press. With your left hand lightly supporting your left knee, pull this knee closer to the chest and hold it down for five counts. Then, lift the left leg until the knee is straight. Hold the position for five counts and then lower your leg and return to the starting position. Repeat the same action with the knee and right leg.

Rear bridge

Kneel on a flat surface and bring your palms to the floor. This initial position is popularly called “four legs.” With your head raised and your eyes facing forward, allow the abdomen to fall toward the floor. Keep this position relaxed for five charges. Then, lift your abdomen and push your back up to make an arch. Lower your head and hold this position for five counts. Repeat at least five times.

These lower back stretching exercises will help anyone who wants to strengthen their muscles and avoid back pain. Stronger and more flexible muscles provide better support for the spine, maintain proper posture and prevent low back pain. It is recommended that these exercises be performed regularly, three to four times a week, to obtain maximum benefits. To prevent pain after exercise, first heat up by walking 5 minutes or using the elliptical exerciser before performing any of these lower back stretching exercises.


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