Anime:Toonami fans reaction on My Hero Academia Season 4 Finale

The My Hero Academia season 4 finale finally debuted on Toonami after a few weeks of waiting after its COVID-19 delay, and it was well worth it. After delaying the last two episodes on Toonami after a change in the SimulDub schedule for the series (and delaying the last episodes of the season in general), Toonami fans saw the fourth season of My Hero Academia coming to its end. With the start of the Pro Hero arc that put Endeavor in the spotlight, it was an explosive ending to one of the series’ most intriguing seasons.

The final episode of Season 4 continues from the cliffhanger and sees Endeavor take on a smarter, stronger Nomu, High-End. In the finale, this Nomu is revealed to be smart enough to adapt during the fight, speak and think for himself. Thus, Endeavor is brought to the brink and faces the challenge of hero number one.

Read on to see what Toonami fans are saying about the My Hero Academia season 4 finale below, and tell us what you thought. Did you enjoy watching the finale playing on Toonami? What do you expect to see in the next season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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