Anime: One Piece Fans Are Over Excited About the Anime’s Return

It took over two months to get there, but One Piece is back and better than ever. Earlier this year, the anime had to be discontinued due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Now the anime returns to action when the show’s team finds a new normal amidst the pandemic. And as you can see online, fans are more than excited for the return!

For those who don’t know, One Piece returned with episode 930 over the weekend. The update was recorded on Monkey D. Luffy as the boy continues to work in prison. After meeting an old man named Hyogoro, the Straw Hat took a break from eating to see the man, and this new episode takes their reunion to a whole new level.

Then you have been warned! There are spoilers for One Piece episode 930 below:


After Luffy supervises the old man being bullied by a prison guard, the hero has had enough. Take out the stalker with a strong kick that would make any pirate flinch. Despite having his Devil Fruit powers restricted, Luffy is stronger than ever thanks to his work in the prison camp, and he has done so in hopes of escaping soon. That plot comes to a head after Luffy’s escape partner Raizo steals some much-needed keys, but Luffy hits an obstacle in the end when the Pirate Queen appears.

The epic intro has freaked One Piece fans out, as you can see in the slides below. This comeback episode was not only magnificent, but it showed all the best parts of Luffy. Now, the public is excited for Queen to make her debut, and fans know that Lead Performer will make Kaido proud with what he deserves.

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