Anime: Dragon Ball Fan recreates Moro’s controversial new form

Dragon Ball can be a lightning rod for controversy, and many of its fandom debates stem from power escalation. It is not unusual for fans to discuss character transformations and that is still the case. After all, the newest villain in Dragon Ball Super got a new shape this month, and it has received critical reception. But thanks to an artist, fans can imagine another design for Moro’s absorbed form.

For those who don’t know the controversy, it all started because of Moro. The character debuted in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc as a major threat to the multiverse. The bad guy has been jailed for some time, but Moro escaped custody to everyone’s chagrin. Not even Grand Supreme Kai was able to beat Moro at his best, and Goku has also been struggling to do so.

Things went from bad to worse this month when Dragon Ball Super updated Moro with a new form. The bad guy absorbed his Seven-Three subject to restore his power after fighting Vegeta, and even gave him the powers Seven-Three had. The last minute change was a provocation for many, but what bothered them most was Moro’s humanoid gaze.
Now artist DBSKAKERU1 has given them an alternate version of Moro, and the fan-art is pretty perfect. This redesign pays homage to the Moro goat breed and even emphasizes them by adding elements from Seven-Three. This form seems downright devilish to most fans, and many netizens admit they prefer this look to the one found in the manga. Let’s hope Moro delves into a third way that ends up looking like this Dragon Ball Super mockup!

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